What Is An Upright Piano? - Compare 3 Upright Piano Types (2023)

Upright pianos were invented ages ago and have since then been a vital part of the music industry. They have evolved over the years producing more inclusive and better innovations for more powerful sounds.

Now, we have upright pianos with more vibrant tones and longer sustain. Even though they are expensive and not portable, unlike other musical accompaniments, they are among the most familiar musical instruments.

There is a wide range of upright pianos available today. The most common one is the grand piano, and another which has gained fame over the years is the upright piano. On the other hand, the upright piano has a more compact design and is the best choice for home use.

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What is an Upright Piano?

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Upright pianos are also known as vertical pianos. This particular type of piano is designed with the soundboard as well as the plane of strings running vertically, unlike the grand piano, hence the name vertical pianos. This ensures it takes lesser floor space, thus the compact design. This feature led to them being called cottage pianos in their early years of production.

These pianos come in a wide variety of heights. The shortest being the Spinets, followed by the consoles. Because of their relatively small soundboards and the shortness of strings, they generally have an inferior tone. There are more significant upright types, which were inevitably more popular.

The action of the upright piano that is the damper and hammer mechanism is different from that of the grand piano in that it is returned to the primary position using both gravity and springs; the splendid makes use of gravity alone. That is a distinctive characteristic that differentiates the upright from the grand piano.

Some of the upright pianos are advantageous and the go-for option given its compact size and the modest price. Also, their lower production costs, as well as their smaller footprint, highly contributed to their recommended home use for centuries. These are widely used in secondary and elementary schools, smaller churches, and music school practice rooms. They are not suited for concerts.

It is easy to identify upright pianos. When you lift the lid and check inside on the plate or gold harp, you will find its serial number. Most upright pianos have their strings running upwards from the bottom of the case. The designs have been modified and upgraded over the years to create more decorative models.

Nowadays, there are even more convenient as you can choose the most ideal one depending on the quality of sound you desire to achieve, or the space you have for the piano.

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Different Types of Upright Piano

There is a wide range of upright pianos available and vary depending on size, sound quality, or generally the design. The spinets are the smallest models. Consoles are designed to be slightly taller than the spinets, and their direct action results in better sound. That is followed by the studio, which is often used in music studios and schools as well. And lastly, the upright, which is the tallest.

The earliest pianos were in rectangular forms. Later afterward, they were designed with detachable legs. The upgraded parlor pianos employed a more upright form, although they needed some improvements. The piano frames were mostly made of wood.

Unfortunately, this material would shrink or warp and would result in the strings losing tension. After experiments, the next innovations adopted a cast-iron frame. After which a metal frame became the most popular.

The latest designs are even more decorative, more functional, and with better sound quality during its whole journey. You can always find one that suits your preferences. If you need a decorative piece of furniture, you can check with the vintage types. Or a digital version, and acoustic ones, all these are available for everyone’s needs.

The brands range from the Bechstein pianos, Blusher pianos, Bosendorfer, Grotrian, Sauter, Steingraber, and Sohne, August Forster pianos, Schimmel, Steinway & Sons, and the Yamaha upright models. You can be sure to find one that suits your liking.

1. Digital Upright Piano

This digital version of the upright piano is designed to bring the feel of a concert in your home.

With this piano, you can attain the sound quality and weighted action of the grand piano. These also come in a wide range to choose from. So if you need a compact upright piano that will also serve you space-saving design and also advanced features and functions that is similar to an acoustic piano, you can find one to suit your preferences.

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2. Upright Acoustic Piano

These are also in a broad spectrum and range from the Steinway and sons, Yamaha models, to the more cost-effective pianos such as Boston and Essex. Upright acoustic pianos give a feel of the traditional real piano. Today’s models are overstrung, unlike in the past, where the strings ran straight vertically.

That gives the acoustic piano an even more luxurious and fuller sound. There are many suppliers of the upright acoustic pianos. The latest development of this particular type of pianos is Tran’s acoustic. This great revolution has its sounds playing through the soundboard.

3. Vintage Upright Piano

The vintage upright pianos are Victorian design with fine details, mostly veneered in burr walnut, have richly-carved front legs. And they are usually fitted with cast brass candle sconces.

Vintage upright pianos are not only functional but also add a great vintage touch in any room. There is a wide variety of these as well.

What is the Best Brand of Upright Piano?

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The brands differ from each other on matters of size, sound quality, and design. The technical innovations and design values have revolutionized the piano industry. Nowadays, the best upright piano brands have incorporated concert quality components. They are even more eye-catching, hand-made for even the art collectors and home designers.

Yamaha is one of the highly recommended brands out there. Why? One of the reasons Yamaha is regarded as the best brand for the Upright Pianos is that it provides a variety of high-quality models with top-notch construction.

According to the many customer reviews available online, the company is able to maintain the product quality and keep everything perfectly designed. What’s more, the brand offers top-notch customer service, nothing short of perfect.

The reliability and performance of their upright pianos surpass any other model available. The products are built to deliver exceptional sound. Another thing, their pianos have graded hammer weighted action that gives you the feel of a regular acoustic piano.

And you know what, the piano produced by Yamaha is ideal for practice, secure and comfortable to play, well–suited for beginners and professionals alike.

Warranty coverage applies only to products by Yamaha authorized dealers. These are sure to meet the set safety standards. The dealers are also trained to offer you the best customer service and support during and after purchase.


Upright pianos have since recently taken their stand in the music industry. With their compactness as an added advantage, they are well suited for home use. These are a great addition to any music school or for home practice. Upright pianos are also more affordable compared to the grand pianos. You need some training on how to use them and enjoy their beautiful acoustic sounds.

Upright pianos are a great accompaniment to add a pleasant tune to any music. They are the ultimate space-saving pianos available and will not take too much floor space thanks to their creative design.

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