Top 10 Best Play School Nearest Preschool near my Location (2023)

Best Nursery Play School Nearest Preschool near to me my Location in South Delhi Saket

Might be that you also ask to others, What according to you is Best play school for my child? Does best play school mean a place where your child is simply happy?
Have you ever noticed why new born babies keep watching the things around with concentration? Does a Play School mean a place where your child goes to play? Then, it should be called play area! Isn’t it? So, some of you might say a place where children are taught through play ways. Meaning, teaching and learning is happening but the child feels it fun. But what happens to the neurons? Are they getting activated or at least getting charged? How much of the brain connections taking place? A child born with 100 billion neurons and immense undiscovered potential, is it getting multiplied during the process of schooling? What is the learning style of the child? Which intelligence dominates his personality? And many more things related to your child’s personality must be known to you? Are you briefed about any of these by the school?
A little child who has hardly been with anyone strange besides his parents and grand parents and suddenly enjoys the company of his teacher is definitely a signal that he is being loved. He starts taking instructions from her, bids adieu to his parents as soon as he meets his teacher is certainly a very good indication of the fact that he is being cared and loved .
Is that enough ? Certainly NO! Because that is congenial environment essentially required for his Social development. Such environment facilitates good brain development. But what’s happening to the 100 billion neurons inside he was born with. Is he made to use right side of his brain. What does a child carry back home while leaving the school? A report card obviously! Does he bring back the gadgets along? NO! Does he bring back the infrastructure? NO! Infrastructure attracts children and the passers by but does serve no good to the child.
Children like to be in the lap of nature, they love trees, birds, animals, fresh air, blue sky, flowers.
The best school is the one that has the wealth of Nature along with a strong Curriculum to discover the child’s brain, his innate talent, that hones the skills of the child, prepares him for life skills, makes him confident, improves his vocabulary, develops his motor skills along with courtesy and grace.

Which is Nearest Play School at my Location

Play schools are meant for little children between the age group of 2 to 5 years . This is the best time for a child to develop his physical abilities. Choose a school which is within the walking distance, where the child can reach walking, cycling or can be lifted and taken. This not only brings the child closer to his parents but a new dimension of relationship develops since children love to walk, run, cycle. If you search for Nearest Preschool to me then you have several advantages. e.g. parents can interact with the staff and take the updates on a regular basis.
A child who is growing every day goes through a number of changes, experiences and challenges must not wait to be heard during Parent Teacher meetings only.
It is the best time to develop socio-emotional skills. The peer group at the school or friends form the learning ground for children. Children mingle with those they are familiar, but if the child resides far from the school would mean away from classmates. So, the invaluable life skills like confidence, sharing, friendship and caring may not develop as desired.
Just like a building, the strength of your child’s personality depends upon the foundation years of his life. So, parents must try to select a school nearest keeping the open space, green area , hygiene and safety and security and spacious , well ventilated , airy classrooms.

Teaching Methodology of our Play School

We believe that “It’s not about what you teach, it is about what a Child Learns”. Brain Discovery Global School works on identifying and enhancing Child’s dominant Intelligence. The Pre-school emphasis on physical development, emotional development as well as social development.

Learning Environment in Preschool near me for Child’s Development

“After all, what is the goal when you send your little child to the preschool? Certainly not to prove, “Who is the Boss”? But to Discover the learning style, enhance and make the Pathway to Wisdom a joyful journey and to help the child develop into a decent, self-confident human being. There is only 1set of each material; if another child wants to do the same activity it will have to wait and this teaches patience.

Our Advanced Preschool Curriculum

The advanced curriculum of our Preschool near me integrates all areas of development of a child which are social learning, emotional learning, physical learning, and spiritual learning are as important cerebral learning. The preschool makes an effort to establish a safe, secure, and predictable environment of learning. The curriculum of our pre-school is based on the belief that “Every Child is Born genius”.

Our Curriculum Priorities include the development of a good human being by providing a joyful & good learning environment with real-life competencies which will lead to academic excellence.

Class style: “Nothing is extracurricular, everything that a child learns within the school hours is a part of the curriculum”.

✅ Maintain body posture during the learning

✅ Muti age classes in our Preschool

✅ Different Furniture for different learning objectives

✅ Table & chair during the group activity

✅ Pillow & mattress Activity during the Storytime

Circle Time Activity for Child’s Brain Development

Circle time activities are performed for better fine & gross motor skills development of child,Top 10 Best Play School Nearest Preschool near my Location (1) Hand-eye coordination development, improving the concentration of the child, strengthening muscles, and help in memory retention.

Circle time activities include:

(Video) Preschool Learning Videos - Preschool for Littles - Online Virtual Preschool Video - Learn at Home

✅ Stacking Blocks

✅ Learning with Real Objects

✅ Learning with Transfer Objects

✅ Learning to be Self-reliant

✅ Feeling the Strokes of Letters

A Glance of the Play School: Brain Discovery Global School

Play School with Classes:Toddler, Pre-nursery, Nursery & Kindergarten

Number of Students: 150 Plus Students

Advanced Curriculum: Preschool provides Child-centric Curriculum

Creative Teaching Pedagogy: Play School performs methods of Teaching to enhance Kid’s Creativity

Teachers to Student Ratio Toddler Class: 1:10 (With 1 Support Staff)

Teachers to Student Ratio Pre-Nursery Class: 1:10

Teachers to Student Ratio Nursery Class: 1:10

Teachers to Student Ratio Kindergarten Class: 1:20 (One Support Staff)

Day Care Facilities:Pre-School with Day Care Facilities

(Video) Brain Discovery Global School | Preschool | Primary School | K-12 School

Environment: Safe & Secure Environment

Bag-less Play School: Yes, our Preschool is Completely Bag-less

The uniqueness of School: We identify & enhance Dominant Intelligence of Kids

Infrastructure: Child-Friendly Infrastructure

Holistic Approach of Teaching: All-round Development of Kids

Preschool Location: IGNOU Road, South Delhi (Near Saket Metro)

After School Programs: Music Class, Dance Class, Yoga Class, Abacus Class, English Speaking, Taekwondo

Healthy & Hygienic Meals: The Food Quality & taste is par beyond excellence

Pick & Drop Facility: Our Preschool provides pick-up & Drop Facility to Students

Sports Equipment: We perform indoor & Outdoor Activities for Child’s Development

Newsletter: We provide Newsletter to Parents for Daily Updates

Admission Open Session: The year2020-21

Extra-Curricular Activities: Sports, Music, Dance, Drawing

Collaborative Learning: Group Activities by Kids

(Video) Toddler Learning Video | Baby Videos | Hop Little Bunnies + Kids Songs & Speech for Babies, Toddlers

Highly Qualified Faculty: All teachers of BDGS are well qualified & Trained

Highly Qualified Staff: Our preschool staff are trained & skilled

Analytical Skill Enhancement: BDGS Preschool enhances Child’s Analytical skills through various activities

Learning Environment: Our Teachers provide a learning environment to the Child

Academic Skills Enhancement: We Nurture & Encourage your Child’s Academic Abilities

Admission Procedure: There is an Easy process of Admission in our Play School

No Entrance Exams Required:As per Govt. Norms, no entrance exams are required for Kid’s Admission

Circle Time Activities: We performs activities for improving Child’s concentration & Muscles strengthening

Child’s Physical Development: Gross Motor & Fine Motor Development

Child’s Emotional Development: Worksheets are prepared with Visual Images

Child’s Social Development: Preschool performs Group activities & Circle Time Activity

Number of Students Passed: 5000+

Play School Run by: Ex DPS Principals & Doctors

Number of Play Schools: 10+

(Video) Incy Wincy Spider and More Nursery Rhymes for children! | Children Songs | Toddler Fun Learning

Locations of Preschools: New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Uttarakhand


If you are Looking for your Child’s Educational Journey?

Which is the best play school?

Best play school near me ?

Then this blogwill help you in finding out the best school near your location. Brain Discovery Global School is amongst the top 10 Play School in Delhi and it is thebest play schoolin South Delhi.

Get your Child’s Admission in a Bag-less Preschool

✅ Safe & Secure Environment

✅ Advanced Curriculum for Brain Development

✅ Day-Care Facilities are available

✅ Innovative Teaching Methods

✅ World Class Infrastructure

✅ Collaborative Learning

✅ Pick-up & Drop Facility

✅ Live Streaming Camera

(Video) The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

✅ 100% Nutritious & Healthy Meals

Apply Now! for admission & all-round development of your child. If you have any queries related toadmission in the top Play Schoolin South Delhi then you can visit ourFAQ Page.


How do I choose a play school for my child? ›

7 things to Consider while Choosing a Preschool for your Child
  1. Distance. Consider the location of the school. ...
  2. School Campus. ...
  3. Credibility of the school. ...
  4. Teachers and Faculty. ...
  5. Teaching Methodology. ...
  6. Communication and Transparency. ...
  7. Do they provide Snacks?
Dec 11, 2019

Which age is best for play school? ›

While the majority of preschools admit children at age three, an increasing number are admitting children as early as 1.5-2 years.

How do I choose a preschool school? ›

How to Pick a Preschool
  1. Adults are talking to children in nurturing and encouraging ways. ...
  2. When children are behaving inappropriately, teachers are focused on helping them, rather than punishing them. ...
  3. The classroom is fun and joyful. ...
  4. Children are active. ...
  5. Staff are supported — and seem happy.
Nov 11, 2017

What is the best location for a preschool? ›

An ideal location for the preschool should consist of a safe neighborhood around. Opening playschool around residential complexes is a good option in accordance with safety and space requirement. The location should be pollution free with least possible vehicle traffic for keeping up with the safety concerns.

What is the best time to start preschool? ›

What is the right age for preschool? The right age for preschool will vary from child to child and depends on multiple factors, including age. However, most preschoolers are between ages 3 and 5.

Is preschool worth the money? ›

The many benefits of high-quality preschool education are clear, from preparing children for kindergarten to improving test scores throughout school. Studies also show that children who attend pre-K are less likely to repeat grades and more likely to graduate from high school than those who do not.

Is 3 or 5 days of preschool better? ›

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding how many days your child should attend preschool. Whether your child attends three, four, or five mornings per week is ultimately a personal decision based on the particular needs of the child and family.

How many days a week of preschool is best? ›

A two-day attendance routine is ideal for children starting in preschool to get into the rhythm and become settled.

Is preschool good for 2 year olds? ›

Your two-year-old child might be growing up, but they are still babies. It means they are not developmentally ready to sit down and listen to teachers for hours since their attention span is just two minutes long. But the preschool can help in their social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development.

What is a good preschool classroom? ›

A good preschool classroom includes a block area, a dramatic play area, a science area, a library, and an arts area. At the beginning of each day, during what's called free play time, children decide which area to play in.

What age should children start playing? ›

Your child may start associative play when they're 3 or 4 years old, or as early as 2. This stage of play usually lasts until they're around 4 or 5 years old, though children will continue to play this way at times even after entering the next stage of play. But remember, every child develops at their own pace.

Is 3 too early for preschool? ›

Most preschool programs are designed for children between ages of two and five years old. Preschools tend to fill up quickly, so it's best to start looking for options when your child is around one year old or even sooner.

What are the 3 types of play for school age children? ›

Children learn and develop through different types of play.
  • Physical play. Physical play can include dancing or ball games. ...
  • Social play. By playing with others, children learn how to take turns, cooperate and share. ...
  • Constructive play. ...
  • Fantasy play. ...
  • Games with rules.

What type of play is best for children? ›

10 Types of Play for Child Development
  • Unoccupied Play.
  • Independent Play / Solitary Play.
  • Onlooker Play.
  • Parallel Play.
  • Associative Play.
  • Cooperative Play.
  • Dramatic or Fantasy Play.
  • Competitive Play.
Dec 5, 2022

Is play based preschool good? ›

New research shows play-based learning can be more effective than direct instruction at improving outcomes for early learners—particularly in the development of mathematical and spatial skills.

How many kids should be in a preschool class? ›

Ratios and Group Sizes
Your child's ageNo more than this number of children per trained adult (child-to-adult ratio)
Preschooler (3–5 years)1 trained adult should not care for more than 6–10 preschoolers
School age1 trained adult should not care for more than 10–12 school-age children
3 more rows

Should you send your child to preschool? ›

Michigan State University Extension recommends children attend preschool when possible. In fact, research shows that children who attend just one year of high quality preschool are more likely to do well in school than those who do not attend preschool.

Does going to preschool matter? ›

The social-science literature clearly shows that children who attend pre-K perform better academically in later grades, enjoy better health in later life, earn higher incomes, are less likely to get arrested, and are more likely to graduate from high school and complete college.

How long is a typical preschool day? ›

Half-day preschool programs typically run for three to four hours, with the majority of preschoolers attending in the morning.

Is preschool healthy for kids? ›

At preschool, children build a strong foundation in social, pre-academic, and general life skills that will give them a leg up in school and beyond. Research shows that children who graduate from preschool have improved academic readiness, lower incarceration rates, and higher earnings.

What is better nursery or preschool? ›

A nursery will usually care for children from six weeks of age until they start primary school, with some even caring for school age children. However, a preschool will usually care for children between the ages of three and five who are not yet old enough to start primary school.

How many hours do preschoolers need? ›

Preschoolers need about 10 to 13 hours of sleep each day, including naps. Set regular bedtimes, wake-up times, and nap times for your child. If your child no longer takes naps, schedule some quiet time during the day.

How many days a week should a 2 year old go to preschool? ›

The second year children go up to 5 days a week or as little as three (your choice) and you still work one day a week at the school.

How long should a 3 year old be in school? ›

How long is a kindergarten school day? (Updated 14-June-2022) By statute, the maximum school day in kindergarten is 4 hours (Education Code [EC] 46110). An exception to this statute allows schools that have adopted an early primary program (extended-day kindergarten) to exceed 4 hours (EC 8973).

Is 2 years of preschool too much? ›

For the children most likely to experience developmental vulnerability, two years of high-quality preschool can be transformative. But it has positive impacts for all children. There are many studies that show the long-term benefits of two years of preschool for children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

What do you do the first week of preschool? ›

The first week of school should be about teaching kids the rules of the classroom and school, as well as having loads of fun getting to know one another. They need to learn how to behave at certain times of the day and how to get along with the other children.

At what age do toddlers become preschoolers? ›

If your baby has celebrated their first birthday, they've automatically been promoted to toddlerhood, according to some. Up next for those who simply go by age? Turning into a preschooler, or a child aged 3 to 5.

Is 5 too old for preschool? ›

Districts must admit children at the beginning of the school year (or whenever they move into a district) if they will be five years of age on or before September 1 (EC Section 48000[a]). Children who are age-eligible for kindergarten may attend any pre-kindergarten summer program maintained by the school district.

What do 2 year olds learn in preschool? ›

Starting sorting shapes and colors. Complete sentences and rhymes in familiar books. Play simple make-believe games. Follow two-part instructions (such as "drink your milk, then give me the cup")

What should I teach my 3 year old in preschool? ›

Educational activities for 3 year olds
  • Activities that promote fine motor skills. One of the best activities to practice with your 3 year old is his fine motor skills. ...
  • Writing letters and numbers. ...
  • Daily tasks and lessons. ...
  • Educational games. ...
  • Open-ended play. ...
  • Field trips. ...
  • Activities that encourage curiosity.
Aug 26, 2021

What is the most important thing in preschool? ›

Movement is the most important skill to develop first in the early years as it is necessary for all other learning.

What age is preschool classroom? ›

How Old Are Preschoolers? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines the preschool age range as being between three and five years old. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Some preschools enroll children at three years old; others take children at four.

What are the different kinds of play school? ›

And in this scenario play schools come as a savior.
  • What are the various preschool curriculums offered? Preschools are the educational institutions that teach children between the ages of 2 to 5 years with a focus on sharpening their brains. ...
  • Montessori. ...
  • Waldorf. ...
  • Reggio Emilia. ...
  • HighScope. ...
  • Bank Street. ...
  • Parents Co-Ops. ...
  • Froebel.
Dec 15, 2021

Is Montessori and play school same? ›

Playschool Program:

Manners are taught from time to time but are not woven into the curriculum like in the Montessori program. The playschool program encourages free play, thus helping children gain decision making and problem-solving skills.

What are important for a play school? ›

Playschool helps in building a strong foundation in social, pre-academics, and general life skills. It helps in the development of a child's emotional and personal growth and provides opportunities for children to learn in ways that sheerly interests them and develop a strong sense of curiosity.

What are the 7 play types? ›

The types of play include physical, dramatic, sensory, nature, music and art, and age-appropriate play. Children need the various types of play in order to support and facilitate meaningful learning opportunities as they develop language, motor, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

What kind of play do 4 year olds do? ›

Associate Play (3-4 Years)

A child might be doing an activity related to the kids around him, but might not actually be interacting with another child. For example, kids might all be playing on the same piece of playground equipment but all doing different things like climbing, swinging, etc.

What are the 6 types of play? ›

Parten's 6 Stages of Play
  • Unoccupied play. This type of play sets the foundation for the stages that follow. ...
  • Solitary play. This type of play occurs when little ones are exploring on their own. ...
  • Onlooker play. ...
  • Parallel play. ...
  • Associative play. ...
  • Cooperative play.

What is typical play for a 3 year old? ›

Children at this age are walking, running, kicking and throwing. They are exploring their world and picking up new skills, like kicking a ball or riding a tricycle.

What are 6 stages play? ›

There are six stages of play. These stages are unoccupied play, solitary play, onlooker play, parallel play, associative play, and cooperative play. In 1929, Mildred Parten published her thesis in which she outlined the 6 stages of play.

What is better preschool or Montessori? ›

In a traditional preschool, kids more or less learn the same things at the same time, in the same ways, and are expected to meet the same benchmarks. Montessori preschools are focused more on individualized learning. There is less overall structure and more freedom for children to learn at their own pace.

Which is best Montessori or preschool? ›

Montessori schooling focuses on the learning and development of each child in the classroom and the curricula are decided based on each child's needs. In a regular school, on the other hand, lessons are prepared in advance and all children are expected to learn at the same pace.

What age should a child start Montessori? ›

Currently, most Montessori programs begin at the Early Childhood level (for children ages 2.5 – 6 years). However there are also programs for infants and toddlers (birth – age 3), Elementary-aged children (ages 6 – 12), and Secondary students (ages 12 – 18).

What are 5 benefits of play? ›

Why is Play Important for Children?
  • Play Builds Imagination and Creativity. During play, kids stretch their imaginations. ...
  • Play Fosters Cognitive Growth. ...
  • Play Delivers Emotional and Behavioural Benefits. ...
  • Play Improves Literacy. ...
  • Play Encourages Greater Independence. ...
  • Play Promotes Physical Fitness.

What do 3 year olds learn in preschool? ›

Preschoolers learn “pre-skills,” which lay the groundwork for the future. Through their playing, singing and learning, preschoolers gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write, build their math and science skills, and become successful students.

What do they teach in play school? ›

Children are taught counting numbers (up to 20), counting objects, shapes, sorting and classifying. These concepts are taught in the most fun way possible like playing with water, building with blocks or art and craft.


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